The search for the best party hall can feel overwhelming. You’ve got to look for a venue with the right capacity, for the right price, in the right location. You should also consider the ambiance of your event.  

It can be tempting to immediately sign the contract once you find a party hall that fits those requirements. However, do not let the contract go uninspected. If you do, your event may face a real legal problem. 

Here are several questions to ask before signing a contract for party halls in El Paso: 

What’s your policy for cancellation? 

Terms for cancellation can greatly vary from one venue to another. Thus, it’s crucial to inspect the deposit if it’s non-refundable. Also, you have to keep in mind that the cancellation policy will also vary on the size of your event. The cancellation fee could be as big as 100% for bigger events as far out as 2 months ahead of the event date.  

If someone re-books the venue, will you still pay a cancellation charge? 

The venue must try to resell the room if you’ve got to cancel your booking. If they are successful, any payments obtained from the new booking must be considered when calculating your fee for cancellation. Make sure that they include this in the contract.  

What will happen if only a few guests attend than expected? 

Slippage, commonly known as attrition, is the difference between the actual numbers and expected delegate numbers. If the event lowers in size, almost every venue will need you to pay damages. This may include food and beverage or a sleeping room block. 

To be ensured by your event, a venue has a minimum revenue amount they require. The minimum is attrition. During the contracting stage, you will have to negotiate on the slippage. You will have lower liability if attendance is disappointing if you have higher slippage percentage.  

What is included in the overall costs? 

You shouldn’t make any expectations as to what might be free. You have to confirm whether they include catering, water, and other services in room hire fees. You should also not assume that “fixtures” are included in the overall cost.  

What are Wi-Fi Capabilities? 

For the events today, reliable and affordable connectivity is a must. However, a lot of venues don’t offer enough details about their Wi-Fi charges and capabilities. If the venue offers free Wi-Fi for the guests, you should know if there are any restrictions.  

When it comes to connectivity, you shouldn’t be afraid to be demanding. It is a standard today for any industry to offer free Wi-Fi. 

Can you bring in outside vendors? 

Several venues will need you to use preferred or in-house suppliers. Else, they’ll charge you an additional fee for the use of outside vendors. When it comes to this policy, you have to be clear. You want to perfect production value for your party. It can be bad for your event if you’re limited in who you can work with.